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Having a safe home is a major priority for all of us. Being able to identify entry points or locks that are vulnerable to adept thieves is what your professional locksmith can help you identify these potential areas.

Most people, when they buy a new home, do not always think about changing out the locks. They say that there is confidence in the realtor, but even they don’t always know how many keys are out there or how confident the locks are. A qualified locksmith can help identify all of these problem areas.

When a property has been entered and locks have been compromised, our technicians can arrive in a timely manner (usually in half an hour) and come up with the solution to avoid this happening again. Mobile Locksmith Solutions’ professionals assess the situation and find the solution.

There are many new options when it comes to re-securing a home. You can choose a simple more secure standard key type lock (Medeco) or something more modern. There are many more modern systems out there.

Residential Locksmith Services - Mobile Locksmith Solutions Baltimore MD

Keypad locks are a popular choice for people that don’t want to have a bunch of keys around. They also provide the convenience of children not losing keys.  All that is needed is to remember a basic combination of anywhere in between 4 and maybe 8 numbers. It’s is easy to change the number codes also in case you might have relatives from out of town arriving at an odd time when you will not be able to let them in.

Bio-metric locks are now more in reach of the normal consumer. Registering the finger prints only takes a few easy steps. Removing access or limiting time of use is also an advantage of these systems.  It is also possible to know when certain entry points were accessed.

One of the latest to come into fashion are smart locks. They are exactly what you think they are. Connecting to your WIFI network in your house, you can control them from anywhere. You can change access at any given time and receive alerts when someone activates one of the locks.

With all of these different choices in locks for your house, it is good to seek the advice of a qualified locksmith. Mobile Locksmith Solutions is on call to help you make the right decision when it comes to securing your home.

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